AnyDynamics (Rand Model Designer Standard Free)

The User is granted, free of charge, the non-exclusive right to use the Software for evaluation, education and other non-commercial purposes on all personal computers at his disposal. It is forbidden to use the Software for commercial purposes, and its commercial distribution. Modification, decompilement, disassembly or creation of derivative products from this Software is also prohibited.

Rand Model Designer (Professional)

Unless you have purchased additional licenses, you may only install and use a single copy of the Software on a computer and freely move the Software from one computer to another, provided that you are the only individual using the Software.

The Professional version of RMD provides the following additional features:

  • generation of model as a separate DLL for subsequent incorporation into a user's software for use in his own commercial products;
  • placing user's VersionInfo block into the generated DLL with copyright and other user data;
  • enhanced visualization for complex models debugging (combining objects and links in the groups for a separate display on the schemes; using the different colors for links and objects);
  • blocks of equations - user may declare blocks of equations to increase in speed of calculating by accelerating the analysis of the system of equations;
  • additional debug and analysis options for finer analysis of the system properties: Jacobian, eigenvalues, time-study;
  • single step debugging of discrete actions for transitions and input/output actions for states.

1 200 EUR (Send request)